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Rapid Prototyping Industry News

Looking at various 3d printing developments throughout this year so far, the need for 3d printing services in conjunction with 3d design is not slowing down whether you are a consumer or have industrial needs.  As various companies that display their newest generations of product at trade shows throughout the…

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Attending GenCon

It will be nice to see some of the new releases and see some old friends at GenCon once again this year. I will be looking to see the many new products and see how the future of digital design and 3d printing can further speed up the development of…

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New Printer on its way!

I recently put forward an order for a brand new printer that will arrive in February. The printer is a Photocentric Liquid Crystal Pro model that prints 17x11x12 inches which is huge versus my current machine. I look forward to sharing more information as I get my hands on it…

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Chicago Creative Design- Website Design, 2D Design, 3D Design, and 3D Printing

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Bionic Tree is a Chicago creative design company serving customers with Website Design, 2D Design, 3D Design, and 3D printing. We look forward to making your ideas reality with professional communication, direction, and results.

Having a unique vision to render or bring to life is an exciting and important aspect of any business.  Bionic Tree is available to help not only make the process easier by speaking your language, but also take the time necessary to work with you to get the results you are looking for and answers to your questions.  Making sure you understand the process and are heard will be Bionic Tree’s goal. Whether you are looking for Website design, 2d design, 3d design, or 3d printing services, we will guide you through the creative development flow. After talking with us, you will know you are in good hands.  The design process is meant to be creative, but it should be a positive experience as well.

Types of Creative Design Services that are offered

  • Website Design is important for your audience to find information about you or products in today’s online world. If you are looking for a Responsive website design, a CMS system such as WordPress, or just some really well designed HTML and CSS we have you covered.
  • Creative 2D Design for digital or print media can be drafted and supplied in popular formats.  Whether you a compiled layout document (PDF), simple vector (line art) or raster images (bitmaps), the project will be delivered as best possible to fit your task.
  • Creative 3D Design projects can be tedious and can be quite troublesome.  Several professional methods create and develop 3d models covering a variety of applications.  As a result, getting started can be confusing.  Based on your needs, we will be happy to discuss the best options .
  • Creative 3D Printing is on the forefront of a new frontier in manufacturing and fabrication.  Taking 3d models and turning them into plastic formed works of art or prototypes for test application is important in this modern age. Also, it brings your ideas to the real world faster versus traditional methods.  Let’s work together to see how your business can grow with this emerging technology.

Bionic Tree is located in Chicago, Illinois and will be available to customers in the United States at first. Later, as the business grows, it will be open to expanding internationally and serve clients throughout the world. Thank you for your attention and it will be a pleasure in serving your project needs.

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