Bionic Tree’s 3D Design service excels with attention to detail and design specifications. We can help you with your 3D renderings and prototyping needs.  3D Design is becoming more mainstream to businesses across the globe as more and more are trying to find faster ways to produce and alter current designs and reuse assets down the road. 3D design projects cover many different industries from simple toy design, city planning, to aeronautical engineering. Each which have a variety of different approaches for development. Also, they have a decent range on turn around time based on the project.  Bionic Tree will be here to discuss your idea and see if it is something that we can help you get started with.

Types of 3D Design that Bionic Tree offers

CAD Modelling

CAD modelling is primarily used for developing machines or gadgets where mathematical precision is key.   The process can take long or short amounts of time derived from development details also.  The measuring tools utilized help keep the final 3D object within size specifications and operational needs.  Therefore, if you are looking for a model that needs to meet on the number to fit into, extend or build onto components, CAD Design is best.

Sculpture and Organic Modelling

Creating digital 3D Design representations of nature, animals, or even humans is possible through methods of 3D sculpture software.  3D sculpting gradually builds up details onto a basic shape’s surface to form striking features and dynamics. Whether you need a virtual scene or actor or even a more refined sculpture for a product designed, tell us about you 3D ideas.  We are here to help.

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